Edizione Internazionale 2011

Dipl.-HLFL-Ing. Josef Meisl / Austria

Exemplary dedication to exploiting the energy generated by agriculture

Dipl.-HLFL-Ing. Josef Meisl
Landwirtschaftliche Fachschule Tulln
Frauentorgasse 72
3430 Tulln

For decades now, Josef Meisl has taken a leading role in promoting the use of energy arising from agriculture in Austria. He is acknowledged as an expert in this field, particularly by politicians and opinion leaders, a professional audience at home and abroad as well as by his students. He was appointed head of the agricultural college of Tulln in Lower Austria in 1999. Since then, he has been able to co-determine the alignment taken by the technical collage towards renewables. He and his team have managed to combine the school's educational focus with vocational training. Owing to the training programme for renewables and sustainability, which is unique across Austria, the number of students has since doubled. As the head, he has been able to realise a few projects such as the construction of two plant oil CHP units, a PV plant, a heat pump as well as two pelleting plants. Thanks to his initiative and untiring contribution, the agricultural college of Tulln has become the "Austrian Competence Centre for Renewable Energy". Josef Meisl and his team demonstrate in practice how farmers, in their role as energy farmers, can secure nearly 100 % of the energy demand of Austria with a mix of regenerative sources and rational energy use, both regionally and decentrally. Furthermore, he arouses young people's interest in renewable energy in an exemplary manner.

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