Edizione Internazionale 2011

Phaesun GmbH / Germany

Pico PV systems for rural electrification in Africa

Phaesun GmbH
Luitpoldstraße 28
87700 Memmingen

Phaesun GmbH was founded as a wholesale company and system integrator for solar parts and systems in 2001 and focuses on solutions relating to off-grid electrical power supply. In the meantime, the Bavarian company has developed a broad network of distribution partners in developing countries. With a new concept to spread the use of Pico PV systems, Phaesun is contributing towards pushing forward the electrification of rural areas in Africa. Pico systems are small photovoltaic island plants with a capacity of up to 10 Watts, which cover the basic electrical power needs such as lighting or recharging batteries. Local partner companies are responsible for selling the pico PV systems and selecting the independent solar dealers. Phaesun assists with the development of the network and trains the retailers. The local project partners set up so-called solar shops and solar kiosks which can supply not just the photovoltaic systems but also services to the local population. This concept is currently being successfully applied in Angola and Mozambique and will soon be extended to Nigeria and Burkina Faso. An off-grid power supply is often the ideal solution for electrifying remote areas as mains connection is usually too expensive. The pico PV systems from Phaesun are oriented towards the needs of people in rural Africa, which is why they offer them the good chance to gain access to power with their own financial means.

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