Edizione Internazionale 2011

Heizplan AG / Switzerland

Production and installation workshop as a solar energy-plus building

Heizplan AG
Karmaad 38
9473 Gams

As a photovoltaics, solar heat and heat pump specialist, Heizplan AG, based in the municipality of Gams in Switzerland, has advocated a sustainable power supply since 1983. As a leading supplier in Eastern Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the company now serves a large sales territory in an economically strong region. Besides planning and carrying out projects for customers, Heizplan AG also sets a good example to others. In 2010, for example, the company build an energy-efficient production and office block in the form of an energy-plus building. With total energy consumption of around 13,000 kW hours a year and a usable power generation of over 58,000 kW hours a year, the building produces four times more energy than it consumes. Two photovoltaic plants were integrated into the southern and eastern facades of the building in order to generate electrical power and set an example to others. There is a large mounted plant on the roof of the building as well as two tracking systems, which means that a combined system capacity of 60.6 kWp is installed. A heat pump operated by solar electricity generates the energy required for heating and warm water. The rest of the thermal heat is supplied by a 25 m2 large thermal solar plant with a 2,000-litre reservoir. The fact that Heizplan AG's solar energy-plus building generates 448 % of the energy it consumes demonstrates the enormous potential of solar energy. The firm demonstrates, in an exemplary manner, how manufacturers can even become energy producers.

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