Edizione Internazionale 2010

Chiara Cristiani

Il campanile solare fotovoltaico a Pisa

Per l’incisivo messaggio comunicativo ottenuto attraverso l’integrazione di tecnologie solari in un elemento di alto valore architettonico e religioso

The bell tower has always been the concrete representation of the centrality of the Church understood as the “ecclesia”, or as a community of people
animated by the same feelings.
The towers symbolize the constant call to civil and religious principles witch for centuries keep people together around the values that represent themselves.
The project involves the construction of a tower built with photovoltaic solar cells integrated into two extra layers of glass. The tower produces about 4 kW of electricity returning to the parish about 2000 € per year.
The work is in line with the indications that the Pope and the whole Catholic Church give about the use of renewable sources. The project, therefore, acquires
a strong symbolic meaning.
The theme of social injustices, in fact, for Ratzinger is intimately connected with that of ecological disasters, with agriculture, and so with the question of
energy resources that is, not just now, a crossroads of international crisis and one of the problems with the humanity of the future will confront.
The bell tower marks the liturgical season thanks to a change of color achieved through the use of LED lights (so it becomes red, green, purple and gold).
The work was funded for 75% by CEI (Italian Episcopal Conference).

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