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EUROSOLAR recognizes outstanding projects and initiatives of towns and municipalities, companies, local associations, architects and individuals through its annual European Solar Prize, now in its 21st year.

In 2014, a panel of international judges selected eight winners from five countries. The achievements of the honorees were documented through a special tribute presentation. The recipients of the European Solar Prize 2014 came from Australia, Italy, UK, Uganda, Germany and Switzerland.

As another innovation in the European Solar Prize program, Eurosolar Italia, EUROSOLAR’s Italian section and the Board of Architects of Rome invited to the one day symposium, "ENERGY TRANSITION INTO A REGENERATIVE ENVIRONMENT: THE FUTURE OF THE CITY AND THE TERRITORY", which was held in connection with the presentation of the Solar Prize award.

Prof. Peter Droege, EUROSOLAR President, said: "The European Solar Prize is given by EUROSOLAR since 1994 in recognition of outstanding commitment to the utilization of renewable energy. Today's prize recipients are important, innovative and successful leaders in their respective countries, and models for a renewable energy-based Europe, a climate-stable, energy sustainable and a socially just, democratic world. In particular they demonstrate that all parts of society contribute to the transformation to a fully renewable energy-reliant society."

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